Sunday, March 28, 2004

Kicking and drooling.

I was recently on a flight back to Denver from Chicago. It had been a hasty trip of only 24 hours, so I was pretty damn tired. I'm typically not one who sleeps on planes; I think anyone who can regularly sleep sitting up is a freak. But on this day, I found gravity unusually powerful up around my head area. So rather than fight it, I welcomed the chance for sleep.

What I did next, everyone at some point in there lives has done to one level or another. The concept is entirely familiar to all. Boiled down to its most base level, I did the "Dozing Kick Thing." Where you're in that lucid state between awake and dead to the world, and you jerk your leg as you suddenly wake up. Embarrassment sets in almost immediately, but as you look around you see that not a soul is looking at you. Not one person noticed. Not even the people sitting next to you. You thought you'd kicked, but you really hadn't, at least, not to any noticeable level. So you smile, close your eyes, and slip away once again.

That's kind of what happened to me. Except for the whole "nobody noticed" part. Because for some reason, when I kicked, I also yelled, "No!"

More like, "NAAAAHHHHHO!" And I kicked the seat in front of me.

At this moment there was no need for me to look around to see if anyone was looking at me. I just kind of knew they were. Everyone. Staring. All with the same "What the fuck was that?" look on their faces. So I quickly looked at the guy to my left and stared at him with a "What the fuck was that?" look on my face. He turned and looked out the window immediately, probably because he was petrified of me, but it gave the undoubtable appearance of guilt. "What a freak, this guy," I sent to everyone via espMail. They got it loud and clear. And I slept like a baby the rest of the way home.


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