Thursday, October 21, 2004

Day Seven: Our Second Screening

Wednesday, October 20.
We got a mention yesterday in the Denver Post's Buzzworthy section of the paper. Check it out!

That's the crowd on the left side of the theater last night. I knew a lot more people this time than I did Monday evening, mostly because the whole Citizen Pictures crew (who did Killing Kevin) were there. But there were still a lot of strangers there too.

That's Kirk, Brad, me, Michael and Lisa Rucker. Before the shorts started Brad and I gave Michael and Kirk a couple little gifts; Michael got a pipe (for display purposes only) and Kirk, who has never smoked anything ever in his life, got a trucker hat with a marijuana leaf and the word "Cannibus" on it. Very fitting.

Once again, the showing went great. Actually, much better than Monday night. The sound was better, the picture was better. The consensus among people I talked to was that everyone seemed to enjoy all the films much more this time around. For me, it was mostly because I was so nervous Monday night I couldn't really enjoy anything. Last night, however, I was much more relaxed and really allowed myself to just watch and enjoy. I even laughed out loud at our movie -- something I haven't done in quite a while given how many times I've watched it. Seeing it up on a real movie theater screen was about as cool as it gets. Again, the audience was fantastic and laughed loudly and often. What a rush! We got some fun questions during the Q & A session, like how did we prepare for the rolls, how did we write the script, and whose ass is it in the Polaroid (Michael's)?

Afterward some of us headed to the Forest Room 5 for White Russians and, in true Cinema Geek fashion, discussions ranging from film to cereal to music we used to roller skate to.

Now what happens? I'm not entirely sure. Everyone who attends the shorts programs gets to rate each of the on a 1-10 scale. The short that has the highest score gets the audience award for Best Short Film. I have to believe we're in contention for it, based on the feedback I've heard. We'll see. There are still some events coming up we want to attend -- tonight is the Independent Filmmakers' Reception, and Sunday night is the closing night with a tribute to Morgan Freeman. These late nights on school nights are going to be the death of me! More tomorrow!

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