Thursday, March 30, 2006

13 Things People Frequently Say or Write that Annoy the Crap out of Me

13. Pronouncing "mischievous" as miss-chee-vee-us.

12. Using "impact" as a verb.

11. Football sportscasters who use defense as a verb: "They defensed that play real good."

10. Saying "I could care less" when you mean "I couldn't care less."

9. You get advance notice, not advanced notice.

8. Using apostrophes to denote a plural: "All dog's must be on a leash." (that's an actual example I saw the other day, and I won't even get into the fact that it's saying all dogs should be sharing one leash between them)

7. Athletes and sportscasters who use the word "adversity." It's not so much a misuse, but it's like someone sent out an email saying, if you want to sound intelligent, talk about overcoming adversity.

6. April Wine was correct: It's "Just between you and me," not "Just between you and I." (how's that for a music flashback?)

5. A bimonthly meeting occurs every two months. A semimonthly meeting occurs twice a month. Same with biweekly/semiweekly. This is incredibly nitpicky, and I don't care.

4. Saying "overexaggerate" instead of "exaggerate."

3. Saying "orientated" instead of "oriented."

2. Pronouncing "escape" as "ex-scape."

1. Irregardless!


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Jeff said...

The apostrophe thing drives me nuts also: "Apple's 29 cent's" . Aaaarrgh!

Another one I hate is when people write "your" when they mean "you're": "Your a really good writer." DIE!!