Friday, March 03, 2006

Combo Cursing

We as a swearing society have become so discontented with traditional curse words that we have taken to making them up. But rather than being purely creative about it and inventing brand new words like "boosch" or "tunking," we're merely combining two existing words, in parts or in whole, and using the derivation as a new curse word. One of the two words is always from an existing curse word, and the other may be an existing curse word, or something ordinarily innocuous.

At first it was kind of fun, and I confess I became wrapped up in the revelry myself. The first Combo Curse I ever assembled was "fuckknuckle" (alt: fucknuckle). My friend Michael yelled "cockbarrel" in an improv show where he'd been endowed with the personality trait of having Tourette's Syndrome. I don't know if folks with Tourette's actually use Combo Cursing, but if they do I expect "cockbarrel" would be a good word for them to yell.

Lately, however, I've found myself growing less and less interested in Combo Cursing. Indeed, just yesterday I called someone an "asshole." Not an "assbag" or an "assburger." Just an "asshole." And it felt good. It felt cleansing... purifying. Riding that wave, I repeated it with a preceding adjective: "Fucking asshole."

I palavared with my ownself over this, and came to the conclusion that I started using Combo Curses because precious few of us did. Most were still in the Conventional Cursing Camp, and I wanted to be different. But now, everyone's an "asstard" or a "fuckwit."

And once again, I want to be different.

So whether you're a dickhead, a motherfucker, a cocksucker or a smart ass, I appreciate you reading this piece-of-shit blog.



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