Thursday, April 06, 2006

13 Favorite Comedy Teams

I've been a "student of comedy" for as long as I can remember. I watch it to laugh and be entertained, but also to learn. Through the years I've been most influenced by comedy teams: ensembles of people who, together, have created some of the most memorable comedic moments of the modern age. The irony is, pretty much all of these were doing their thing either before I was born, or when I was very young. The comedy team doesn't really exist anymore. Sure, there are ensembles like Second City, SNL, the Groundlings and the like. But those are institutions with revolving doors of talent, not true comedy teams. If someone breaks out (a la Will Ferrall) it's as an individual star. Anyway, I guess this is more of a nostalgic ode to great comedy teams. Here's my list:

13.Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau

12.Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers

11.The Little Rascals (Our Gang)

10.The Three Stooges

9. Bob Hope & Bing Crosby

8. The Smothers Brothers

7. Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis

6. George Burns & Gracie Allen

5. The Kids in the Hall

4. Abbott & Costello

3. Carol Burnett/Vicki Lawrence/Harvey Korman/Tim Conway

2. Monty Python

1. The Marx Brothers


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