Monday, September 25, 2006

The Glory of Film

I'm a digital fool. I loves the technology, loves the digital camera and iPod and digital video editing and the cool fun stuff that used to be reserved for "professionals." But there's still a beauty in film -- both still and motion picture -- that digital just can't yet duplicate. O'Tim's recent posts about his road trip to the Southwest is a great example of combining new-school technology with old-school beauty, with him taking hundreds of digital photos, and a number of rolls of 35mm film. Go check out his cool shots.

Here are a few B&W film pics I took a few months back while vacationing in San Francisco. They're all of Alcatraz from a boat out on the harbor. These are scans of the prints I had made, and the scans definitely don't do the prints justice. I had Wolf Camera do the developing (I used Tri-X b&w 100 speed film), and they did a marvelous job. The grain in the shots adds so much texture. Anyway, here's a digital delivery of film prints, for your viewing pleasure.


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