Wednesday, September 13, 2006


(worthless piece of crap blogger hack)

Some psycho has been over at PJ's Place exercising her right to free fucktardedness. She's been around for a few years over on usenet in misc.writing posting with various names. Now she thinks she's Janet, though she also commented as GLK in the same post, most likely an "oh shit" moment for her when she realized it. She's like the beginning of the Rudolph song: You know Gladys and Janet and Leslie and Daisy, Charles and Bozo and Holly and Crazy... Anyway, most recently PJ -- my mother, I'm proud to say -- posted a small rememberance of 9/11, accompanied by this photo:

Said psycho went to PJ's blog and, I shit you not, wrote a comment chastising PJ for not attributing the photographer, and saying she used it to push her own agenda.

Yes, I'm serious.

PJ's "agenda" was this:

Subject: in memory
Words: My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones five years ago today.

No, there's no more. That's it. That was her agenda, apparently horribly offensive to Janetgladysglklesliedaisybozoette.

This gutless (or ball-less, as David pointed out), friendless, careerless, pointless, witless, clueless, rhythmless, sexless, valueless, loverless, useless cretin won't even post a link to her/his/its own site.


And I never say that about anyone.


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