Tuesday, September 19, 2006


"Full on Kev's Mom" by Soundgarden, from their Louder than Love album.

Soundgarden was the first of the "grunge" bands (as they became known) I really got to know. I first heard of them through a friend who moved to Seattle. He sent me an EP from C/Z records called Deep Six. This was in 1987, when the most popular music was either cheesy Genesis/Phil Collins pop, or cheesy hair band metal. I listen to Deep Six and I'm both frightened and amazed. It was this mixture of punk, metal and 70s hard rock, and was completely different from anything I'd heard. Other than Soundgarden, other bands on the EP included Green River (which featured musicians who later went on to create Pearl Jam), The Melvins, Skin Yard (whose drummer went on to drum with Soundgarden), and the U-Men. I liked the other bands, but Soundgarden was in a class of its own. They went on to become one of my favorite hard rock bands of all time.


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