Friday, January 12, 2007

13 Words -- The Results

First of all, if you haven't done the 13 Word associations in the post below this one, stop reading this and go do it.


Okay. Paula does these Sunday Mutters posts every, um, Sunday, which are free association things, so that's kind of where I got the idea for this. But it was also a post that PJ had up the other day about the word "bitch" that got me thinking about words and how popular culture can adapt, revise, or completely change their meanings.

All of the words I picked have popular meanings or associations that have little to nothing to do with their actual dictionary definition (though for some of them, the pop meaning has become so common it's now in the dictionary as a slang definition). Here's how the responses broke down. I'll put the word, the association/definition, and number of people who wrote something related to that:


Something you eat for breakfast - 11
Personality trait regarding decision making or taking a side - 2

Having to do with a ranch - 6 (Keera put Yankee Doodle, which is actually the closest to the real meaning of a city slicker vacationing out West)
Slang term used for anyone, anything, anywhere - 6
Sub - 1 (Um, Nat?)

Homosexual - 11
Happy & Fun - 2 (JennyJinx put Gay Paree, which could be argued belongs in the "homosexual" camp today, but since its origins were at the turn of the 19th/20th century, I'm calling it happy & fun; Joe's "Gay 90s" was referring, so he says, to the Gay 1890s, though there's this club in Minnesota...)

Having to do with cooking - 11
Having to do with a car - 1
Having to do with teeth - 1

Having to do with food - 4
Having to do with breastssss - 4
Having to do with storage - 3 (I included Joe's "Rack 'em up" in here, as you're putting the balls in a rack)
Having to do with torture - 1 (um, SuperSnark?)
Having to do with nothing that has to do with rack - 1 (that would be JennyJinx)

Having to do wiith a baby - 5
Place where someone lives - 3
Having to do with cheating - 4
LucyP did not associate "crib" with anything

Having to do with sex - 5
Having to do with aliens - 3
Personality trait - 3
Having to do with a dog's sac - 1 (um, Jen?)
Having to do with itching - 1 (um, Keera?)

Having to do with abortion - 6
More generic synonym for "option" - 6
Having to do with coffee - 1

Having to do with spiders - 2
World Wide - 9 (I assumed the answers "junk" and "fun" were referring to this meaning)
Having to do with lying - 2

Having to do with food - 12
Having to do with weed - 1 (I'm assuming that's what SuperSnark meant when she put "burn," although, that could also apply to food, eh?)

The barnyard animal - 11
An insult - 1 (paired with "fucker")
Slob - 1

Garden tool - 7
Redneck Dance Party - 4
Derogatory term for a woman - 2 (I'm assuming Crystal Dakin is an acquaintance, Erin?)

Rooster - 7
Penis - 4
Derogatory term for a man - 1
Depends on the origin - 1 (Looney's "cock and bull" -- the origin is debated here, and depending on which one you choose, you could be referring to a rooster)

(said in best Freudian accent) Verrrrry interestink. I screwed up with "bake" and should have put "baked" because I bet there would have been more in the weed camp. And I'm surprised no one put anything to do with cops under "pig."

Thoughts, profound or funny or otherwise?


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