Saturday, January 06, 2007

It's a blogturf war!

I have to say I haven't ever been involved in anything like this before. What a crazy couple days! Most everyone who reads my blog also reads Paula's, but in case you haven't been following the schoolyard banter going back and forth, well, let me tell you, you've been missing out.

It starts here with Paula's post and subsequent comments about pit bull attacks.

It then moved to a chick named Virginia's blog post and subsequent comments complaining about the way she was treated in Paula's comments.

Then back to Paula's with this post and comments about Virginia's post and comments.

Back to Virginia's where she praises her commenters for being so much better than Paula's.

Back to Paula's where she calls bullshit.

Finally over to this dude's, the New York City Watchdog, who did a lot of posturing.

Oh, and this comedianne named Miss Ann Thrope keeps posting really long posts in which she tells people to shut the fuck up. She doesn't seem to have a blog.

Whew! Did you read them all? I know, it'll take three to four days, but trust me, it's worth it.

Nothing amuses me more than people who cannot for the life of them see how their own words and actions contribute to a situation. Virginia, Miss Ann and Watchdog truly think they're not sitting in and smelling their own shit. I went over to Virginia's blog to make nice, because that's how mommy taught me, as did Mark, Joe, Don, PJ, shit, maybe more, and all they can do is bitch about Paula's commenters en masse, Looney and PJ in particular (okay, maybe PJ didn't go over to make nice but to be condescending in a way only PJ can pull off). Oh, I almost forgot about Gekko. She went over there too, and now I'm afraid of her again.

Any acknowledgment from Virginia that, well, while a couple commenters over at Paula's crossed the line (in her opinion, mind you), most of them have come over to my blog and been pretty respectful?

Nope. Nothing.

Why? Because then the whole foundation of her broken heartedness would crumble, and Miss Ann's butting in would have been a complete and utter waste of time.

Virginia accused Paula of not liking people to disagree with her, yet this whole thing was set off because Virginia didn't like people disagreeing with her. Of course, she won't see that. No, it's about how people disagreed with her. Rightttttt.

Well, to Mark and Joe and Don and everyone else who showed some class by going onto their turf and trying to make nice, you've got my respect even more than you already did.

Virginia and her ilk can keep languishing in their own shit and calling it someone else's.


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