Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh how I love the airline industry.

I am so tired, I've got that needles-poking-in-my-eyeballs thing going. I'm a mountain time zone guy on the east cost, so that two-hour time difference means it's hard to fall asleep at night and harder to wake up in the morning. Plus, I'm an insomniac when I'm traveling.

I slept about five hours Tuesday night, so I thought I'd be able to sleep more last night. Nope. Couldn't fall asleep to save my life. To make matters worse, I had to get up at 5 a.m. (that's 3 a.m. to my body) to catch a 7:30 flight. So after two hours of sleep, I schlepped myself to the lobby, caught a cab, got to the airport, checked in and went through security.

Then I found out my flight had been cancelled.

Yep, cancelled. Next flight leaves at 10:30.

Could they call me before I left for the airport? No. Could they let me sleep another three hours? No. So here I am, at Logan Airport in Boston, looking like I belong in Night of the Living Dead.

I want my bed.


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