Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Confessions

I alphabetize my DVDs. And CDs. I drove and subsequently flipped my step-dad's car when I was 13. I never graduated from college. I like the Little River Band. I used to smoke. I've shoplifted. I rarely finish my. I start more projects than I finish. I have a comic book collection. I used to play my tennis racket like a guitar while lipsyncing Ratt's Round and Round. I love every Disney movie made before 1980. My sophomore year at Michigan State I drank about 14 kamikazes during a progressive party in my dorm, stumbled to my room and passed out, only to be awakened a couple hours later by my roommate, his girlfriend, and half the girls on our floor, as I lay completely naked on my bean bag in the middle of the room. I love shoes.


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