Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Confessions

I don't like being stranded in Dallas. Or anywhere, for that matter. I just got a new cell phone and it's really cool in a super-geek sort of way. I watch Lost. And Heroes. Steven Wright is one of my favorite comics ever. I have skinny legs. I crack my knuckles. I had lasik seven years ago, and it worked so well I can see through clothing. Not really, but I did order X-ray glasses off the back of a comic book when I was about 10 years old. They didn't work either. My son started walking when I was in Dallas. I love pie, all pie, any pie, including cheesecake, which is a pie. I've been making a concerted effort to eat a healthy diet and, what do you know, I feel a lot better. I still drink coffee, though. Love my coffee. I tried some guacamole on Tuesday. Still hate it. Pants: 36x34. Shirt: 16x35. Jacket: 44R. Shoes: 11-1/2.


Paula said...

I screamed at my daughter this morning when she tossed a box of tissue at her sister and it landed on the cookies we made for Marco's birthday. I was driving at the time. I didn't make the bed again. I ate cookies for breakfast. I've been obsessing about death again because I'm not obsessing about anything else, which is what I need to do. It's possible I've used up all the obsessions though and am just stuck with death. I hate the new copy machine.

Joe the Troll said...

Jeff - I have to crack my knuckles every so often or they stiffen up on me. I think it might have something to do with my extreme double-jointedness. I cracked two knuckles on my right hand while typing this.

Paula- I'm sure we have one in our showroom you'll like. Come on out!

Jodie K said...

I can chew my toenails. I'm 5'8 but (for some reason) always say I'm 5'8 and-a-half. I really like to burp, esp. after a good swig of beer. I like beer. I like Fat Tire beer best of all. I could eat potatoes in some form or another every day for the rest of my life.

Looney said...

1 - Nice phone, but I heard you can't edit MS Office documents or spreasheets on it, so I'm gonna hafta get a Treo instead.

2 - Steve Wright is the freakin' king of everything.

3 - Awwww, congrats to ol' Sammy! Now he can run headlong into the corners of dining room table and countertops! He'll love it :-)

4 - Answer my email :-) I needjer help, dood. Sorta!

Jeff Kos said...

Looney, I downloaded a program called Documents to Go (cost about $30) that lets me edit MS Office documents on my Q. Check out EverythingQ for lots of Q info.

Sammy fell last night into the coffee table. Hard head on that kid.

I'll email you back this weekend, I promise!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Cheesecake is so a pie.

Looney said...

No worries, Kos, just wanted to fluster ya!

Poor Sammy!! First of many if he's anything like mine were!

Thanks for the info on the Q!!! I want one of those so bad, much more than I want to go back to a Treo... you've made my day! :-)

Don said...

I'm trying to make a video of my son's first 18 years. I drove with the top down tonight. I just decided not to have a beer after all. I have to go to the airport for a biz trip Sunday morning. Saturday Night Fever was on TV. I still like 70s haircuts on women, hate them on men. I was 5-11 3/4 for the longest time, but have been 6-1 since my mid twenties. It's 10:40 pm and birds are singing in my front yard. I like salad. I always look angry, unless I try REALLY hard to smile. Or am laughing. I hate that. It makes me mad that I always look angry. Now I don't need to blog. Thank you. Tip your waitress, not your cow.

PJ said...

I got a new cell phone too and mine's red.

I love Steven Wright as much as you do.

I crack my knuckles too.

Yes, you do have skinny legs.

I didn't know about the x-ray glasses, you're grounded.

Cheesecake isn't a pie.

I can't see why anyone wouldn't like guacamole because it doesn't have any taste -- it's like eating squishy air.

Sammy's walking???? He's growing up too fast, slow him down please.

This time when you come to the airport to pick me up, please don't drive right on by me.

I've lost 20 pounds, so look for someone thinner.

And more chic because I have a new chic haircut.

Enough for now. Thoughts I mean.

Kim said...

All I can think about is pie.

Jeff Kos said...

"I was 5-11 3/4 for the longest time, but have been 6-1 since my mid twenties."

Don, pretty much the same thing happend to me. I hit 6' in 10th grade and stayed there until about junior year of college, when I grew another inch.

PJ, then what is cheesecake? It's not cake, no way no how. It has a crust and a filling, how the hell is it not pie?

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I was stranded in Detroit once, Dallas is much better. ;-)

Joe the Troll said...

"I was stranded in Detroit once, Dallas is much better."

You should sell that line to the Dallas Tourism Board. I doubt they've ever come up with anything better.

PJ said...

"Don, pretty much the same thing happened to me. I hit 6' in 10th grade and stayed there until about junior year of college, when I grew another inch."

He's lying, Don. You only see his little thumbnail photo so you don't know the truth. He's really 5' 3 1/2" and before his junior year of college he was 4'11".

"PJ, then what is cheesecake? It's not cake, no way no how. It has a crust and a filling, how the hell is it not pie?"

Tsk. Such attitude. I'll have you know that cheesecake is a French word for Pie-like thing.

Natsthename said...

MMMMMM guacamole!!!

Pie is good. Real good. And I don't even mind when my family jokingly imitates Cartman, saying, "Woman, get in the kitchen and make me some PAAAAAH!"

throckey said...

you know the weird thing about this is that my son like to say "I like pie!" (he doesn't) like repeatedly, over and over again, until you want to strangle the little dweeb. He's even turned this running joke of his around in his head to the point which you can ask him what he's thinking and he'll automatically answer "I was thinking about liking pie." Or you could ask what he was up to, and he'll answer "It's about time for more pie liking"

And BTW pie is pie. Cheesecake is cheesecake and gets it's own classification because it's so bitchin'.

Which leads me to:

Bitchin Camaro!
Bitchin Camaro!
Doughnuts on your lawn!