Thursday, April 05, 2007

"Providing aid and comfort to the enemy."

If I hear one more wacko use this catchphrase I'm going to hurl.

People having the freedom to speak their minds, whether in agreement with or disagreement with the government, does not provide aid and comfort to the enemy. Telling people that if they don't agree with the government, they should keep their mouths shut? That provides aid and comfort to the enemy, because that's what they do.

But seriously, if you must cling to that flawed belief, at least try to come up with a new catchphrase.


Sour Grapes said...

It's juju, man. If you tell lies the Baby Jesus cries. If you say you don't believe in fairies Tinkerbell will never get better. And if you point and laugh at George Bush the bad man will come and steal your freedoms. It's all on a par. When you've no argument left to make, you turn instead to juju. But Mommy why? Because I said so!

It's the same thing.

O' Tim said...

Ah yes, the old Article III section 3. My head hurts when it is spouted by those who would defend the man most deserving of a conviction for treason (thinking of impeachment does ease the pain a tad).

Keera Ann Fox said...

What O'Tim said. My biggest frustration is that Bush is getting away with murder (literally). My biggest comfort is that he can't get reelected.

Anonymous said...

If you say you don't believe in fairies Tinkerbell will never get better.

Well, but that one is true. Dur.

Joe the Troll said...

It's ironic that these same people will also use the word "freedom" quite liberally. The troops are over there dying for YOUR freedom, so don't you dare use it!!!!!!

Paula said...

Sounds like someone's been watching Fox. I'm going to do a 13 on them.

PJ said...

It's been that way since Bush got elected. I suppose the everyone who disagrees with the president's motives is an anti-patriot attitude could have existed in some form before that, but it wasn't prevalent like it is now. He's so inept at his job it would almost be laughable if everything wasn't so fucked up, which is far from funny.

Anonymous said...

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Joe the Troll said...

Looks like your spam filter needs a tweak.