Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ye Olde Meme

Stole this from Paticus.

1. What's your favorite color ? Green

2. Who's your favorite Beatle ? John

3. What's your favorite cooking spice ? Salt

4. What's your favorite book ? Lonesome Dove

5. Favorite explorer ? Neil Armstrong

6. Favorite post it note size ? 2" x 1.5"

7. Favorite Barbara Streisand movie ? Funny Lady

8. Favorite adjective ? Brilliant

9. Favorite car ? 1968 Mustang

10. Favorite Rat Packer ? The Voice/The Chairman of the Board/Ole Blue Eyes/Frank

11. Favorite Brat Packer ? Jud Nelson

12. Favorite Green Bay Packer ? Bart Starr

13. Favorite City ? San Francisco

14. Favorite song ? 10 Years Gone by Led Zeppelin

15. Favorite adhesive ? Scotch tape

16. Favorite ex of Liz Taylor's ? Richard Burton

17. Favorite Brady ? Jan

18. Favorite Christmas Carol ? O Holy Night

19. Favorite animated monkey ? Grape Ape

20. Favorite Writing Implement ? Pilot Dr. Grip Gel

21. Favorite soap ? Dial

22. Favorite vegetable ? Broccoli

23. Favorite superhero ? Batman

24. Favorite Brian Dennehey movie ? Silverado

25. Favorite prehistoric family ? The Marshall family from Land of the Lost

26. Favorite TV Show ? Of all time -- Twilight Zone. On TV right now -- Battlestar Galactica (new one, not old one)

27. Favorite movie villain ? Darth Vader

28. Favorite candy ? Kit Kat

29. Favorite movie ? On the Waterfront

30. Favorite berry ? Straw

31. Favorite breakfast cereal ? I cannot possibly answer this question, as A) Cereal is appropriate for any meal, any time of day, not just breakfast, and B) It's all about the appropriate cereal given the time and situation. I do loves me some Golden Grahams, though.


Paula said...

These are all wrong. I'm going to have to do the meme now.

Roy said...

Wrong wrong wrong. I don't know where to start. Paula, do something.

And you spelled "57 Chevy" wrong.

Jeff K said...

'57 Chevy? Way too predictable.

Anonymous said...

Judd Nelson. Intersting choice. Is it just The Breakfast Club, or are you going by body of work?

I dismantle my Kit Kats. I eat all the chocolate off, then separate the wafers, and eat them one at a time. I do this mainly with the huge movie sized ones, while at the movies. Kit Kats rule.

Anonymous said...
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Roy said...

'57 Chevy? Way too predictable.

You mean the way they start every time?


Looney said...


Dang, Marsha was HOT!


O' Tim said...

How come this doesn't have "Favorite Fudge Packer" ?

Just Kidding!

Joe the Troll said...

It does, O'Tim..... # 12!