Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sounds I Don't Like

The squeak of a marker on paper.
An eraser on a chalk board.
Someone brushing their teeth (other than me).
Someone gagging (including me).
Snorting (the sucking-a-loogie-into-your-throat snort, not a laugh snort, which I find charming).
Someone chewing gum with her/his mouth open.
Cats (LOL or otherwise).
Ann Coulter's voice.


Miz UV said...

I hate hearing a ringing phone, a screaming baby, and people shrieking with drunken laughter before I've had anything to drink.

Teacake said...

I already have my answer for this prepared, on account of *always* being ready for James Lipton to call me.

Sound or noise I hate: My dog yawning in the morning and waking the whole fucking house up.

PJ said...

A styrofoam cup being cut up with a knife.

Women in flip-flops who don't pick up their feet from the floor when they walk.

Someone snapping gum. I swear, the next time I hear someone snapping gum behind me in the grocery store, I'm going to whirl around like a karate champion and chop her in the neck.

The geese in the lake behind my condo honking at 4 fucking o'clock in the morning.

Rap music booming on car speakers with the bass turned up so it can be heard 75 miles away.

That is all.

Cheezy said...

"Snorting (the sucking-a-loogie-into-your-throat snort, not a laugh snort, which I find charming)."

Never visit China.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, with you on the gagging! It makes me gag, starting a vicious cycle...

With PJ on the flip flops, also. Ingrained peeve inherited from my mom ("Pick. Up. Your. FEET!"), which I'm now passing along to my daughter ("Mommy, why can't she Pick. Up. Her. FEET!")

O' Tim said...

Last night about 2 a.m. some bozo in a train was laying on the air horn for over a minute (no shit). I don't live near the tracks but I can imagine how unpleasant that must've been for those who do. There's just no excuse for that.