Monday, July 02, 2007

Tigger - The O.G. LOLer

So I was watching Winnie the Pooh with my little boy, reminiscing about how when I was a little boy I'd collapse into tears whenever Winnie the Pooh ended on TV (back then we didn't have any fancy DVD players, so we had to watch the shows when they came on once a year). Anyway, Tigger comes bouncing on, which makes my boy and I both start giggling, and when he leaves, he says:

"TTFN! Ta ta for now!"

So long before Al Gore's Internets were invented, Tigger was using cute acronyms.* What a debt of gratitude we owe that pouncing bouncing combination of rubber and spring.


*It must be mentioned that Tigger's "TTFN" was not the work of A.A. Milne, but added to the character by the Disney folks when Pooh and friends became moving pictures.


Sour Grapes said...

Moving what? What didje say there sonny? No DVDs? Why we had the VD in France back in World War One. It must have been around 1915 or 1916 [Continued p. 94 by Abe Simpson] ...

PJ said...

You used to cry during Winnie the Pooh? Now see, I didn't remember that.


"Jeff, what's wrong honey??"

[loud sobs and sniffs]

"I just loooovvvve that show so much!"

DVDs are fine, but there's something to be said for the anticipation of waiting for a favorite show to come on TV. That's gone by the wayside nowadays and I think it's a bit sad.

Jodie K said...

Elvis. TCB. 'Nuf said.

Jeff said...

"That's gone by the wayside nowadays and I think it's a bit sad."

I'm kind of torn on the subject, to be honest. I completely agree that the anticipation and excitement of waiting for Wizard of Oz to come on once a year was so fun. I do lament that going away. However, we now have the ability to watch older movies that we never could before unless they happened to come on TV or be re-released in theaters. I doubt my kids could have ever seen "The Absent-Minded Professor" or "The Apple Dumpling Gang" if we weren't in the digital age.

PJ said...

Speaking of things that only come on once a year, how's (you) essays coming, hmmm?

O' Tim said...

We've got DVD BW and VHS colorized (?) versions of It's A Wonderful Life, and still have to watch it when it comes on NBC every year for its official broadcast. That actually makes me a bit sad that NBC monopolized that because we used to get a kick out of watching it as many times as possible. Oh well, there's still A Christmas Story (which we have on DVD).