Friday, September 17, 2004


Above is an image from my short film HEMPMENTO, which was recently named an official selection for the STARZ Denver International Film Festival. The festival takes place from October 14 - 24 of this year. Appx. 175 films were accepted from well over 1,000 submissions.

Hempmento, a parody of Memento, was created by a small group of friends calling ourselves Cinema Geeks. I co-wrote, produced and starred in the film; my friend Brad directed and edited it; my co-star, Michael (above left), also composed all of the music. It was such a fun project. We held a screening last month and people loved it. Soon after we were accepted into the festival. From here, we'll try to play the festival circuit -- Sundance, Toronto, South by Southwest, Berlin, hell, maybe even Cannes. Keep your fingers crossed for us ... hopefully some people with lots of money will want to fund a feature from us!


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