Saturday, October 16, 2004

Day Two: Hangin' with Soleil

Friday, October 15.
So last night we got to hang out with Soleil Moon Frye. Remember Punky Brewster? That was her. Soleil is in Denver for the festival with her documentary Sonny boy, which is about a trip she takes with her father, whom she is slowly losing to Alzheimer's. She's a very cool woman, very friendly and genuine. We chatted for a while about our films. When she found out HEMPMENTO was going to be shown after she was gone, she was really bummed and asked how she could see it. So I took her a DVD today. It's all about connections, my friends.

Last night was pretty much just a schmooze fest. I didn't make it to any movies, which was a bummer, but some of my HEMPMENTO buddies (Kirk Anderson, who wrote it with me, and Michael O'Shea who's shown below) went and hung out at the Director's Reception. We pretty much stayed in this booth the whole time...

...holding court, making people wish they were one of us. Or not. We met some cool people, had a few drinks, then headed down to the Late Night Lounge for some more drinks and schmoozing (this was where we met Soleil). We were also treated to a Trash Fashion Show. Yes, everything the models wore was made out of trash. It was good dirty fun!

More drinks. More schmoozing. Time to go. I headed home at about 2 a.m. Tonight: Kevin Bacon. More tomorrow!


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