Sunday, October 17, 2004

Day Three: It's Bacon!

Saturday, October 16.
After an hour-long highlight reel of Bacon movie moments, former NY Times movie critic Elvis Mitchell (the dude with the long dreads) interviewed Bacon on stage for about another hour. At one point Bacon said he'd be hard pressed to work with a director now who's done more movies than he has. We all kind of looked at each other and said, son of a bitch, he's right. Because the reality is, Kevin Bacon has been in every single movie made since 1985. It's true. Google him. Anyway, like at the opening night film Ray, they showed a short video thanking the sponsers of the festival. It's a mock reality TV program. "We took four movie watchers and made them sit through a film festival that had no sponsers." I'm in that video, and for most of it I have my shirt off. I had many people recognize me at the reception and say things like, "I almost didn't recognize you with your clothes on." My wife was so proud. Anyway, that also means that Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick were watching me. Definite high coolness factor there.

That's my wife Julie and me and the reception that followed the Bacon award thing. My wife's hot, isn't she? I know you're checking out her cleavage right now, but that's okay, because I kept looking at it all night too. The reception was okay ... it was supposedly a diner theme (get it ... Bacon was in Diner), but other than some diner food and root beer floats, it was a pretty lame attempt at a diner theme. We chatted some more with Soleil Moon Frye. I got her a DVD of HEMPMENTO. Apparently her husband works on the TV show Punk'd, so she said she'd show it to the Punk'd guys. Oh, and here's a weird thing: She was with a woman who swears she saw HEMPMENTO last year at Slamdance. Thing is, we never submitted it to Slamdance. Hell, we just shot it last November. But she described our film exactly. So I don't know what's going on. We never did get down to the bottom of it. Anyway, we stayed until the late night lounge was open, then headed over there where the drinks were free and the people watching much more rewarding. This is Brad and me.

Brad directed and edited Hempmento. At the lounge we worked the crowd some more, pushing our movie and chatting away. No notable celebrities to speak of there, but plently of wannabes and posers, present company included. Three straight days of late-night schmoozing took its toll on me, though, so Julie and I cut out at about 1:30 a.m. Tomorrow our daughters have a dance recital, so we'll be taking a day off from the festival, preparing for our first screening on Monday. More tomorrow!

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