Friday, February 17, 2006

I knew him when...

Minds and GodsOne of my very good friends, Todd Tremlin, just had his first book published entitled Minds and Gods. Here's some of the description, taken from the listing on Amazon:

"Around the world and throughout history, in cultures as diverse as ancient Mesopotamia and modern America, human beings have been compelled by belief in gods and developed complex religions around them. But why? What makes belief in supernatural beings so widespread? And why are the gods of so many different people so similar in nature? This provocative book explains the origins and persistence of religious ideas by looking through the lens of science at the common structures and functions of human thought."

Heavy! But that's Todd. He's truly one of the most intelligent and thoughtful people I know. And when he puts his head down and drives to the basket, the ball's going in the hole, sho nuff. Anyway, if you've an interest in religion as a cultural, societal and even biological phenomenon, definitely check out this book.


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