Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Less than 3 weeks.


Okay, we're on serious countdown mode now. Our due date is May 6th, which means it could pretty much happen at any time. For any of you *glaring* at me for not posting more often, let's just say Boiled Dinner has fallen down the priority list a bit.

We're so ready. I can't wait to finally meet my son. To say, "Hey buddy. I'm you're dad." The emotion and anticipation is overwhelming me. The "guest room" has now been transformed into the "baby room with a guest bed still in it." It's right next to our bedroom, so every time I go into our bedroom, I walk past what's going to be his room. I stop for a second nearly every time, looking in there and seeing all this baby stuff.

By the way, baby clothes are so much cooler now than when I was a kid. Now you can dress a three-month-old kid in cargo shorts and a hip polo shirt. It's like they turned a shrinking ray on some adult clothes from American Eagle or Pac Sun. My kid's gonna dress like a skate punk before he knows how to keep his spit in his mouth! Of course, they cost a stupid amount of money. We had some gift cards from Baby Gap, and I picked out this kick-ass outfit. The little blue jeans -- just the jeans -- cost more than the damn jeans I just bought for myself! Not to worry, because we've done a shitload of eBaying and now we're stocked with clothes.

The doc said that if Julie goes to term, he'd guess the baby would be 8-1/2 pounds or so. Big boy. BIG BOY! So all those clothes will probably fit for a day and a half.

Holy shit, I'm living in the suburbs, I'm driving a Subaru Outback and I'm blogging about babies.

Eh, sue me. I'm still a skate punk in an adult's body. Just with some responsibility and common sense.

Back to baby.

It's amazing, the amount of stuff you need for a baby. Okay, "need" probably isn't the right word, because a lot of the stuff you could absolutely get by without. But it's a combination of convenience, convention and coolness that compels us to get all this stuff. Cradle, change table, crib, diaper baskets for under the change table, crib bumper, cradle bumper, monitor, receiving blankets, crib blankets, change table pad, crib mattress, cradle mattress, sheets, car seats, strollers, feeders, bouncy chairs, diaper disposal thingie... man, what am I forgetting? Oh yeah, breast pads.

All because this little dude is coming to live with us. Well, right now Julie's not thinking he's so little. He's huge, he moves around constantly, and his ass is somewhere up where her lungs are supposed to be.

So she's ready. I'm ready. The girls are ready.

Holy shit.


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