Thursday, August 24, 2006

13 Blog Sniglets*

Given the popularity of blogs these days, I've taken to inventing some new terms.

13. Superiority Blogplex: Believing your blog is better than everyone else's.

12. Blogcicle: A person who never replies to your comments on his/her blog, nor does he/she ever comment on your blog.

11. Blogochondriac: A person who always blogs about how shitty he or she feels.

10. Bloggit: A gay blogger.

9. Kumblogah: The theme song for Give Peace a Chance bloggers.

8. Blogpolar: When someone is prone to extreme mood swings in their blogs and comments.

7. Kablog: When someone's blog disappears for no apparent reason.

6. Discomblogulated: When you can't remember whose blog you're reading.

5. O.D.B. (Ol' Dirty Blogger): Middle-aged and older men who comment on hot young girls' blogs.

4. Bloggies: A blogger's biggest fans. Dawn has a ridiculous amount of these.

3. Rebloggle: Repost one of your old blog posts because you can't think of anything new to write about.

2. Snakes on a Blog: "Someone get these motherfuckin' snakes off my motherfuckin' blog!"

1. Blog Hags: Hot women who only hang out with men who have blogs.

*The word "Sniglet" stolen from Rich Hall.


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