Wednesday, August 23, 2006

College enlightenment.

Not sure why, but I got to thinking today about an elective I took in college called Literary Interpretation of the Bible. We read select parts of both testaments for their literary merit vs. as the word of God. It was by far the most fascinating class I ever took. As I'm sure you can imagine, a great number of people simply could not achieve that sort of objectivity -- they were so tied to their faith that they couldn't let go of the concept of the Bible being the word of God. The professor was so damn good at steering conversations into discussing the book as literature that he would befuddle (yes, you're goddamn right I said befuddle) those who tried to talk about it on word of God terms. I had no problem with the concept, and was completely and utterly mesmerized by what I read. Without the weight of having to apply it to me and my life and whether or not I would go to heaven or hell, I opened myself up to the writing in a completely different way.

What unexpectedly enjoyable class(es) did you have in your school days, be they college or high school? Have they stuck with you in any way, or perhaps even change your views or direction back then?

Do tell!


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