Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Boy and His Dad

The most-excellent Gekko had a post recently about her boy leaving the nest for the first time, heading off to learn what "higher education" is all about. She posted a pic of her boy when he was but a wee lad (a very cute and funny pic, btw), which made me think of my own boy. Mini Me is 14 weeks old today, and I've had no shortage of people tell me, "Enjoy every moment of it. Before you know it, he'll be all grown up." My response has always been, "Yeah, I know." But seeing Gekko's post made it really hit home. In 14 short weeks Sam has already changed and grown so much, it blows me away. I returned from our Seattle vacation about a week before Julie and the kids did. When they got home, I was shocked -- Sam had noticeably grown in six days. Man. I only got 33 years with my dad, so I know nothing can be taken for granted and every moment is precious. Sam's arrival caused me -- the perpetual motion gotta-be-doing-something-all-the-time guy -- to slow down. As I added recently to centenai di kosi (my 100 which is up to 45 now), the 27-year-old me is appalled with the 37-year-old me. And the 37-year-old me is happier than the 27-year-old me ever was.


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