Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Grandma's Little Boy

PJ and Sammy.
It was a most wonderful weekend, albeit too quick. We managed to pack in a whole lot of nothing but hanging out, giving PJ plenty of time to play with Mr. Sam. Sam was quite fond of Grammy PJ, giving her lots of smiles, tons of squeals and squeaks, and plenty of conversation. They even came to see me perform at Madcap Saturday night. One of the improv games we play is called Spelling Bee, where we get the audience to make up words and the actors spell and define them. I was hosting the spelling bee (soliciting the words from the audience) and at one point when the audience wasn't yelling out a suggestion, I hear Sam say, "Aaah, aaah." So I thanked him and took "aaah aaah" as the next word. Big laugh. Later that night I chased criminals, but you can read about that below. Normally when PJ heads home it's a teary affair, but dropping her off at the airport was much easier this time because we'll be heading to Michigan in less than two months. Sam will probably be driving by then.


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