Monday, October 09, 2006


I got laid off!

Seriously, that's good news. Lemma tell ya why.

I work at a very small marketing communications firm. It had primarily been a public relations firm for about 11 years, and only over the past couple years had it moved into advertising and creative services. They hired me in June of 2005 as creative director to help shore up the ad side. Our clientele is primarily in the homebuilding industry.

Well, the homebuilding industry has been tanking lately so business has been pretty pathetic. I've been in this business long enough to be able to recognize the warning signs, so I'd been preparing myself for the possibility. After all, when there ain't no advertising work, that means there ain't nothing for me to do. And I command a pretty high salary for doing nothing.

I'd been contacted by a different agency -- a very large agency -- a couple weeks back. I talked to the recruiter there, sent a link to my book (portfolio), and kept the communication open.

So last Thursday I get the ax. It was a bit of an ordeal at first, but it ended well. Good severance, too.

I called the recruiter at the other large agency, set up a series of interviews on Friday, met with six people, felt great about it, and before I even pulled into my driveway I got a call from the recruiter.

"You were a big hit," she said. "We want to make you an offer."




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