Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thoughts on this election day.

I believe, to the core of my being, in the concept of freedom. Freedom to follow your dreams. Freedom to pursue happiness. Freedom to speak, freedom to worship, freedom to not worship. Freedom to love, freedome to hate, freedom to put a swimming pool in your back yard, freedom to paint your daughter's bedroom hot hot pink. Freedom to tow a camper to a family reunion in Hubbard Lake, Michigan, and then sit around the campfire drinking Bud Light out of a can. I doubt I'd get much of an argument on those.

But see, I believe in freedom for everyone, regardless of gender, age, race, physical ability, religion or sexual orientation. And way too many people in this country don't.

I'm sick of liberals who are supposedly carrying the torch of tolerance and equal rights, yet run screaming from the sight of a crucifix. True story: A woman in my office (love the new job, btw, thank you very much!) brought in a pretty sizable crucifix and had it hanging on her wall in her office. People complained, she was told to remove it. Walk by any office or cube here and you'll see oodles of self-expression on people's walls and desks, including gay pride stickers, "George Bush is an Idiot" messages, and pieces of art that feature some sort of evisceration. On hallowing, someone dressed up as a "cocktail" -- it was a blow-up costume of a penis with a tail. Right... the cross is offensive.

I'm sick of conservatives who are such pussies that they come up with the most asinine rationale for why gay folks shouldn't be able to marry (or simply be allowed to have civil unions) rather than just being honest and saying, "I don't like gays. Gays aren't equal to heterosexuals, therefore they shouldn't have the same rights." Yes, some of them do admit that, but it's easier for them because all they had to do was dust off a familiar old argument and simply substitute "gays" for "blacks" and "heterosexuals" for "whites."

I'm sick of the selective use of parts of the bible to support one's own prejudices while blatantly ignoring other parts of the bible that either refute one's own prejudices or expose one's own sins. You want to use the bible to rationalize your hatred of homosexuals? Fine. Let's own slaves, let's sacrifice, let's trade wives, let's execute someone who works on the Sabbath (is that Saturday or Sunday?). You lose every ounce of credibility when you cherrypick verses, because I can cherrypick others. You want to talk of abominations? I'll talk of faith, hope, love; the greatest of these is love. We can do this all day.

I'm sick of people who will wrap themselves around a tree to keep someone from cutting it down, and then fight for a woman's right to abort a baby because it just isn't a good time for her to be a mother.

I'm sick of rabid right-to-lifers who will stop at nothing to eliminate all abortion, regardless of circumstance.

I'm sick of every political ad ever ever ever ever.

I will be so glad when today is over.


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