Monday, November 06, 2006

A Face for Radio

Last night I performed on a local radio show called Radio Avenue that broadcasts the first Monday of every month. What a blast! It's actually recorded on Sunday evening in front of a live audience, then broadcast Monday night on KGNU in Boulder and Denver. The show is recorded at the Avenue Theater, which is where we're going to be opening B.F.E. The Town that Christmas Forgot in a couple weeks. The show takes a (usually) comical look at current events, and is a fun mix of old-time radio show and modern technology.

Having absolutely no idea what to expect (and having never seen nor heard the show before), I showed up thinking we were just going to talk about B.F.E.. Nope! Dave Johnson, one of the creators and hosts of Radio Avenue, told me that since Tuesday is election day and the voters in Colorado have a godzillion referendums to vote on, the majority of the show would be dedicated to discussing the issues. My job was to play a super-right wing conservative, and my friend and fellow B.F.E. cast member Kerstin was to play a leftyloon, and we were to go through the referendums and give our opinions.

So I created the character Thornton T. Billows, president of the CCCCC -- the Conservative Coalition for the Conservation of Conservative Conservativism. Let's just say I had a whole lot of fun.

You can listen to it! It'll be broadcast tonight at 8 p.m. MST on KGNU, and available for download at the Radio Avenue website sometime after that.

UPDATE: If you decide to listen, my bit is in the 2nd half of the show. And make sure you listen to the very end when Thornton T. Billows hits the bong and starts singing.


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