Friday, December 29, 2006

Blizzard, Part Deux

Been spending a wonderfully relaxing week with my family (no work this week, yay!). Christmas was tons of fun. Sam loved his presents, and by presents I mean the things inside the wrapping paper, bows and boxes, as well as the actual wrapping paper, bows and boxes. The girls were giddy with all their new clothes and dance things and Nintendo DS and all that. Julie loved her new espresso maker she'd been hinting at for a year, and her cool new shooze and the bracelet that came in the little blue box. Me? 80GB iPod Video!!!!

And last night we were hit with another blizzard, and it's still falling. Probably got a foot (piled on top of the two feet that's still in our yard), and another foot or so is expected.

I'm dreaming of a white New Year's.

Merryhappy whateveryoucelebrated, everyone. Have a great and safe New Year's Eve.



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