Wednesday, December 06, 2006

EnvironMental, Part Deux

Okay, guess I gotta react, regroup and rephrase here. I think many of you who commented on my last post didn't get the full gist of what I was trying to say. One could suppose that, since a number of you didn't get the gist, the gist may not have been spelled out clearly enough. I, however, prefer to blame all of you. That said, let me boil this down.

In no way was I trying to say I don't believe we should be doing what we can to protect the earth, be it for our health today or the health of her inhabitants in the future.

The point I was trying to make was that if you want the largest number of people to care about it, put it in terms of how it will affect them, right now.

I can't speak for citizens of other countries, but here in America we are an instant-gratification society. What decisions can I make that will benefit me right now? We buy with money we don't have, and we don't save the money we do have. We have an "I'll deal with that later" mentality. Global warming? By the time it's really a threat, scientists will have figured out a way to stop it.

But today, right now, the air your kids are breathing is giving them asthma. Right now. The water they're drinking is polluting their bodies. Right now.

That's immediate. And perhaps that will motivate people in a way "the future" will not.

I'm not saying this is some magic wand that we wave and voila, no one will want to pollute anymore! And I'm not talking about whether or not people should care about what we're doing to the earth.

I'm just talking about a different means of motivating people to care about what we're doing the earth. Same flipping goal, just a different way of getting there.

That is all.


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