Monday, February 19, 2007

One Scary Wedding

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Have you heard about this couple? They're going to get married in a graveyard.

Dude's a computer geek by day, hearse rehabber by night, so it's probably not a big surprise to their friends. Yeah, kind of creepy (though it will give oodles of pun opportunities for this post's comments...).

But know what's more creepy? The alderman want's to introduce a law to prohibit anyone else from getting married in the cemetary. “Once the horse is out of the barn, you have to have an ordinance,” he said.

Okay, it may be a bit out of the ordinary to want to get married in a cemetary, but do we really need to create a law against it? First of all, if the purpose of a law is to protect, what exactly would this law be protecting? And second of all, do they really think that, since these kids are doing it, the cemetary is now going to be inundated with wedding requests? Like there's a whole slew of couples out there who've been looking for a place for their wedding and are going to see this and say, "That's it! Why didn't we think of a graveyard before? We won't even need a florist! We'll just have the ceremony at the gravesite of someone who just died!"

Ack! You people with your laws.


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