Friday, February 16, 2007

When You Were Yoots

Joe and I were having a discussion over at Paula's about the influence of parents on their kids, and it got me to thinking (as discussions with Joe always do, which is why I love having discussions with Joe) about whether I was right or not, which in turn made me curious to see how all y'all felt.

So here's the question: When you were a teenager, particularly in your high-school years, who had more influence on you as it pertained to your appearance? Your three choices are 1) Your parents; 2) Your friends/peers; 3) Celebrities/idols. Just name your number one choice, or order them if you wish. Tell me why.

I'm not talking about choices having to do with sex or drinking or cheating or driving like and idiot or things like that. I'm just talking about the more superficial choices having to do with how you looked.

Do tell!


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