Friday, February 16, 2007

Props to a Business.

The vast majority of the posts on my blog (and most people's blogs) that have to do with business tend to be complaints. This is a major exception.

Remember the accident I wrote about here, with the accompanying photograph of our trashed Explorer?

We finally got the Explorer back from the shop yesterday, and the work that Pearl Auto Body of Denver did was beyond exceptional. The vehicle looks brand new. Brand freaking new. There is absolutely no way to tell that the entire passenger side was caved in a month and a half ago.

So a big thanks to the guys down at Pearl Auto Body, especially Ed, for doing such a great job, communicating with us frequently along the way, and for running such a professional outfit. And thanks also, believe it or not, to Liberty Mutual Insurance, because they made the whole claims process as simple and completely painless as you could ask for.


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