Friday, March 23, 2007

And The Winner Is...

Congratulations, Jen!!!! You ended with a whopping 115 points with an impressive bracket from first round to last. In fact, you only lost two picks after the second round! And there you were giving me the business over Midnight Cowboy... I know you said in comments that you were going to refuse the prize, but I don't feel right about that. How about this: Pick a DVD for your kids, any DVD. See, I don't want Looney to think I picked Casablanca to get out of having to give the winner a DVD. ;-)

Congratulations Looney! You came in second place with a 102, duking it out until the bitter end. Also, very impressive that you came in 2nd without picking the winner. Nice picking!

Thanks to everyone else for participating in what was a spur-of-the-moment idea I had while driving to work listening to the talk jocks chat about the March Madness basketball tournament. I had a royal blast doing it, and will definitely make it an annual event. Of course, even more importantly, out of this was born the Film Freaks Film Club, which will be the coolest thing ever in bloghistory.

Finally, thanks for keeping things fun, engaging, respectful and positive. We've all seen the nastiness that can go on throughout the blogosphere, so it's been extremely gratifying to have ol' Boiled Dinner be a respite from all that. I think I'll try to keep it that way.

Here are the final standings:

Jen: 115 (Casablanca)
Looney: 102 (On the Waterfront)
Schadenfreude: 82 (Casablanca)
Brad: 75 (To Kill a Mockingbird)
Paticus: 71 (Godfather)
Nat: 70 (To Kill a Mockingbird)
Sylvia: 64 (Casablanca)
Joe the Troll: 63 (Casablanca)
Don: 63 (Citizen Kane)
O'Tim: 60 (American Graffiti)
Ravenous: 57 (Citizen Kane)
Paula: 55 (Chinatown)
Fez: 51 (Godfather)
Jackson: 47 (The Graduate)
Lucy: 45 (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
Caley Adams: 41 (Star Wars)
Venessa: 39 (Gone With the Wind)
Emma: 39 (To Kill a Mockingbird)
Eden: 37 (Gone With the Wind)
Arleen: 34 (M*A*S*H)
Lady Strathconn: 34 (Godfather)
Jeff Adams: 31 (Star Wars)


Anonymous said...


I appreciate the prize, but I'd rather you gave yourself one. Seriously. I don't want to argue or be ungracious, but this was a lot of work for you and a ton of fun for us and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say it wasn't the prize that's kept us so glued to your blog. I appreciate you coming up with such a great diversion, so please get yourself a DVD or take your kids out for ice cream with my gratitude. (You'll also need money. Very few establishments are accepting my gratitude alone these days. I'm the Discovery Card of sentiment.)

I'm really looking forward to the film club kickoff!

As for giving you shit for Midnight Cowboy, I stand by all the shit I gave you for that and for GFII as well. Those weren't the only picks I missed of course, but they were the only two I wanted to nit about. :)

Paula said...

Congrats to Jen! This was so very fun. Thanks, Jeff.

Schadenfreude said...

Grats, Jen. Nice work! And well done, Looney -- runner up without nailing the final is indeed impressive.

Joe the Troll said...

" I think I'll try to keep it that way."

Like hell you will! What, you're too GOOD for a kerfuffle? Like the rest of us are just kerfuffle-mongering trailer trash or something?? Bullshit on you!!! I DEMAND AN IMMEDIATE KERFUFFLE OR THE FIRST MOVIE I'LL PICK FOR THE CLUB WILL BE "PIPPI LONGSTOCKING"!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats! Jen! I'm glad to see that "Casablanca" won even though I didn't because it means that in the end, I was right. As long as I'm right, all is as it should be in the universe.... :-)

Eden said...

congrats to everyone

this was the most fun I"ve had online in ages :)

Looney said...

Congrats, Jen!!

Don't worry, Jeff, I wouldn't think that of you, LOL... You do what she tells you to do. She's kinda stubborn anyway.

It's so funny, because I had a terrrrrrrible time picking between the two. I'm glad I picked OTW for two reasons. One, because I'm right (LOL) and Two, if I hadn't, it would've been over prematurely.

Thanks again, Jeff! Realllllly looking forward to Film Freaks!

Paticus said...

Congratulations, Jen !!
And again, thanks to Jeff for starting up and running this thing. it was a lot of fun, and I look forward to the Film Freaks Film Club.

Don said...

This was a great idea, Jeff, and well run. But I don't know, you cheerful, positive-thinking, motivated types who make good things happen kind of piss me off.


BTW, tho' I picked Kane, I actually like Casablanca more. When in doubt I thought, hmm, What Would Jeff Do, and that WWJD thing just didn't work for me.

venessa said...

Wow! You really surprised me with that one. Pleasantly though, I love Casablanca. Thanks for the fun and for the delicious slice of humble pie. Mmmm....

Lucyp said...

Well done to Jen and Looney and well done to you jeff for coming up with the idea and for doing all the workings out.

Natsthename said...

Congrats to Jen and Looney! Awesome picking (that doesn't sound quite right, but I'm leaving it that way!)

Woot to you!!

Eden said...


It's about how using brackets can help one simplify all kinds of choices.

Sylvia, The Supreme Ruler said...

Congratulations, Miz Jen and Mr. Looney, and congratulations to Mr. Jeff K for a most interestin' and fun blog... thingy.

Heck, I can't believe I'm in seventh place--I expected to be last on the list. I just went by my own idea of weighing movies with points (in my head). I even flopped a couple of picks when I transferred them from paper to computer.

Umm...I didn't mean that I gots points inside my head that are dedicated to weighin' movies, I meant that I didn't actually write down points on paper and add them up--you got that, right?

Joe the Troll said...

"...I didn't mean that I gots points inside my head that are dedicated to weighin' movies"

That's a shame. i was going to ask if "Terror in a Tiny Town" weighed less than other westerns because of the all-midget cast.