Thursday, March 22, 2007

Film Freaks Film Club

I had this really cool idea while writing a comment to the post below this, and it's such a cool idea it deserves its own post.

Who would be up for a blog-based film club?

Each month (or perhaps every other), someone is designated to choose a film. That person posts the film on his/her blog, and everyone in the club (secret handshakes and wotnot) watches the film by the deadline. Then the person who chose the film begins a discussion on her/his blog by posting questions or discussion prompts.

Or, perhaps the film chooser posts some things to look for during the film, preparing us for the discussion ahead of time.

We'd create a sort of Film Freaks Circle of Blogs.

Or, we could create a single team blog and all members have posting priveleges. That could be Way Cool Junior.


UPDATE: It is Way Cool Junior. Here's the site.


Don said...

Too cool for school!

If you've seen the movie before will there be a limit on how long ago it was?

Do we get to have vicious blog wars by accusing people of cheating with the imdb?

Can we have truly random film-chooser choosing using strange impenetrable algorithms predicated on public guesses on something like oh say how much a given NYSE security rises or falls between specific times on a particular day?

I'm kind of into process sometimes.

Jeff K said...

1. Yes, I think you should have seen it recently. Maybe within the past year? Even with that, you might want to watch again with the purpose of discussing.

2. No. This will be one of the few nice places on the blogosphere.

3. When it's your turn to choose, what you choose is up to you! Only thing is we may need to take into account availability, so a really really obscure title might not work.

Paula said...

I like the dedicated blog cuz then the clubby stuff won't get lost in the maze of other bloggy goodness. I'm definitely in - I want an excuse to sit around and watch more movies without feeling guilty for not writing, which I don't do ANYWAY lately. I just stare at the screen and surf mindlessly. Now my life will have meaning and purpose...w00t!

Natsthename said...

I'm in!

Jeff K said...

Joe, send me an email. I don't have your address at work.

Paula, Don, Brad, Looney and Jen, I just sent you invites for the site. Look for it in your email.

Jeff K said...

Nat, need you to send me an email too.

Jodie K said...

Ratt rocks ;)

I have a fear of committment, but would be willing to give y'all (or is that all y'all) a go.

Must we watch E.T.?

Jodie K said...

...and I can't spell commitment. Maybe that's why I fear it.

Looney said...

Fuckin-A! I'm in. I think you're right. You make a list of who's the moderator for the month, and then that person posts the movie to watch and some things to watch for, then we all watch it and start commenting on that post, then it's the next person's turn!! LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

Paula, as a writer of fiction you should never feel guilty for watching movies. Storytelling is storytelling. I learn lots about building characters from watching Inside the Actor's Studio. Also because I write for kids, I could totally watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if I wanted to. I never have, but I did do Charmed for a while anyhow.

Um, what? Oh yeah. Got the invite, signed in, I'm ready to go!

Jeff K said...

Send me an email, Jodie.

Lucyp said...

Count me in, love the idea.

Jeff K said...

Send me an email, Lucy.

Paticus said...

Thanks for the invite. I'm in.

PJ said...

Sorry to be a party-pooper guys, but you'll have to count me outta this one.

The Fez Monkey said...

I don't think this idea will fly. Maybe if you substituted books. Then we could call it the Reading the Book Blog.

What the heck ... I suppose I could give this a go.

Ook ook

Eden said...

this is teh awesome

sorry for no caps

laptop is busted & i have no punctuation either

new computer on the way hough :)

Sylvia, The Supreme Ruler said...

Ooooh! This idea is absolutely the Bee's Knees! We're talkin' classic films like what we just played with, right?