Monday, March 19, 2007

Movie Madness: Round 2 Results, Part B

We now have a Sweet 16!

No surprises in the either region as the highest seeds all advanced to set up powerhouse regional semifinals. While the lower seeds put up valiant efforts, it hasn't been a tournament for underdogs as the lowest seeded movies to advance to the Sweet 16 are Psycho and Star Wars, both 6-seeds that took out their 3-seeded foes in round two.

Here are the standings so far. The numbers are in order of first-round score/second-round score/point total after two rounds.

Looney: 22/26/48 (On the Waterfront)
O'Tim: 26/22/48 (American Graffiti)
Paticus: 27/20/47 (Godfather)
Schadenfreude: 26/20/46 (Casablanca)
Brad: 25/18/43 (To Kill a Mockingbird)
Jen: 21/22/43 (Casablanca)
Paula: 27/16/43 (Chinatown)
Nat: 20/22/42 (To Kill a Mockingbird)
Lucy: 27/14/41 (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
Fez: 23/16/39 (Godfather)
Don: 21/16/37 (Citizen Kane)
Eden: 23/14/37 (Gone With the Wind)
Jackson: 23/14/37 (The Graduate)
Joe the Troll: 23/12/35 (Casablanca)
Ravenous: 23/12/35 (Citizen Kane)
Venessa: 21/14/35 (Gone With the Wind)
Lady Strathconn: 22/12/34 (Godfather)
Caley Adams: 19/14/33 (Star Wars)
Sylvia: 18/14/32 (Casablanca)
Jeff Adams: 19/12/31 (Star Wars)
Arleen: 18/12/30 (M*A*S*H)
Emma: 17/12/29 (To Kill a Mockingbird)

Best second-round score belongs to Looney with a whopping 26 (he got 13 out of 16 right!), making him tied for the lead with O'Tim. Paticus and Schadenfreude are knocking on the door, however, and there's a bunch-up a little below them of folks within striking distance. Interesting that the top five players all picked different champions. How's your bracket looking? Any big losses? Each match is worth 4 points in the next round, so you can make up ground quick if you nail those picks!

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1 comment:

The Fez Monkey said...

Well, I am effectively done - but I suspected as much with some of my longshots.

One comment re: Kane and Strangelove. I know how groundbreaking Kane was in terms of technical moviemaking, and how it has become part of the Rosetta Stone for directors. No question about it. However, in terms of relevance, I think Strangelove beats it hands down every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

The whole Hearst thing was obvious, and the thinly veiled social implications were certainly important in the day. But there's no way a megalomaniacal newspaper magnate could compete with the Cold War and nuclear annhilation. Further, the satiric play within Strangelove was sublime, and much more elegant than anything in Kane.

My point (if there is one in all this) is that I don't argue the importance or reverence for Welles' breakout. Nor do I have a gripe with it moving on in the bracket. Just that, for the same reason you had Schindler beating Goodfellas, I see Strangelove beating Kane. Similarly, part of the same reason you have Kane beating Strangelove is why I figured GF should have stomped all over Schindler.

Ook ook.