Sunday, March 18, 2007

Movie Madness: Round 2 Results, Part A

Here they are, the Godard and Kurosawa regions' second-round results. These winners are moving onto the Sweet 16, while the losers are heading home. Some valiant fights by the underdogs in Godard, but none could hang with the favorites. The Kurosawa, however, saw three upsets in the four matches, setting up The Battle of the Family: The Godfather vs. The Godfather II (and proving to Fez that there's no conspiracy against Italians).

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Jeff K said...

(this is continued from the haloscan comments)

Oh, quit yer bitchin', O'Tim -- you're winning the damn thing! Anyway, I never said ESB was a better movie, that was other peeps. I believe SW is a wonderful, wonderful movie with great characters and a great story. I don't believe Star Wars is #15 on AFI's top 100 list because of its concept. It's in that slot because it's recognized as one of the best American movies ever made. So no, I'm not making any excuses for the movie, and I wasn't solely thinking impact. I was thinking of the film as a whole, and I believe it's had the impact it has because it's a great film.