Monday, June 25, 2007

First Henry and June, now Boiled Dinner!

Online Dating

Because of these words:
Suck (5x)
Shit (4x)
Ass (2x)
Shitty (1x)

"Fuck" didn't register?

Swiped from Sour Grapes.


Paticus said...

I did this rating thing last week(the post is half written-d'oh!) and I got an R Rating, and it did not register that I used "pigfucker" several times in a post.
I guess it's as random as the actual MPAA.

venessa said...

I did this one, too. I got a PG! I think I use the word fucker at least once a week. That didn't come up, but "abortion" and "shit" gave me a PG. Weird.

Asbestos Dust said...

Freakin' thing wouldn't even rate mine. Just broke down weeping.

What a pussy rating system.

- AD -
(Actually, if you run across a pussy rating system, let me know...)

Cheezy said...

That looks really random. My blog's rated R and apparently the word "poop" is one of the main offenders.

Jeff said...

"(Actually, if you run across a pussy rating system, let me know...)"

Here's one:


Webmiztris said...

mine said I was rated R, but that's only because they caught me on a very PG-13 week... :)

O' Tim said...

Shit, that sucks shitty ass. I mean Fuck.

O' Tim said...

Here's one:


Binary. Cool.