Tuesday, July 10, 2007

8 Things

I got tagged a while back for this 8 Things thing and am finally getting around to it. In a nutshell, I'm supposed to list 8 things you don't know about me, then tag 8 people to do it. It's much like the Friday Confessions I do every so often, but this is just 8. I'm just going to write it and say, if you wanna do it, do it!

1. I ran through a sliding glass door when I was seven years old, and have massive scars on my left leg (as well as a few random ones elsewhere on my body) to show for it.

2. I started wearing glasses in 7th grade. Started wearing contacts in 10th grade. Stopped wearing them both in 2001 (got Lasik!).

3. I drink lots and lots of water while at work -- probably somewhere around three liters.

4. I own every album (real vinyl album) KISS ever put out -- when they were wearing make-up. Yes, that includes the solo albums.

5. I'm in a Furniture Row commercial that's running right now. If you see a guy in a blue cap, khakis and a red Hawaiian shirt say, "Sometimes you gotta go forth and save," that's me. I didn't write it. I just got paid to be in it.

6. I love food. All of it. I am the least picky eater ever created. Gimme food and I'll love it. Except for anything made from avocado, including guac. Even then, it makes me sad that I don't like avocado so I try it at least once a year. Because I love food.

7. I can't sleep without some sort of white noise, preferably a fan. The fan soaks up all the random noises that would otherwise keep me awake.

8. I alphabetize things. CDs. DVDs. Books. I shoulda been a librarian.


krissy said...

You're going to have to come up with some better stuff than that!

I knew at least 3 of those things...Avocado..get over it -yes you would like my guac (lol), Sliding glass door...yes, nasty scar...eww, Kiss...I knew that, but thought you were over them by now.

PJ said...

"1. I ran through a sliding glass door when I was seven years old"


Joe the Troll said...

#1- Perhaps you should have gotten those glasses earlier.

#3 - I do too. My job involves a lot of talking on the phone, and my mouth gets dry.

#4 - I only got two of the solo LPs - I think it was gene and Peter - but Kiss Alive II cured me. That was about the time I started listening to Queen and Kansas and then started digging prog rock.

#6 - I don't like avocado either, but I'll eat it in sushi because it isn't dominant.

#7 - A cat's purr is the best sleepy noise there is.

#8 - I only alphabetize CDs, because I have so damn many of them. Concert boots are in both alphabetical and chronological order, because the Pink Floyd, jeff beck, and Grateful Dead sections are rather large.

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

That is a shit load of water...poison to me...I hate beverages without bubbles. On that note I think my co-workers are happy that I don't drink 3 liters of carbonated water during work hours...imgaine the gas...maybe i should.
I have too share a need to organize and what better way than alphabetically...God Bless Melvil Dewey for his Dewey Decimal System!

Don said...

I alphabetize my books and CDs and then let them get all out of order from other people messing with them and don't fix it for a couple three years. I guess that makes me a really lazy OCD type.

O' Tim said...

1. Lollin' at Joe's comment

3. You've inspired me to do a post entitled "Hey, pee-break takers! Get the fuck back to work!" (just kidding - I try to drink about 80-100 ozs. a day)

4. Fuck Kiss

7. Whitesnake rocks! I mean white noise rocks! Fan, definitely.

8. There is nothing OCD about alphabetizing your:

Webmiztris said...

that's too funny. every time I go to a mexican restaurant I try the guac knowing full well that I hate the stuff too. ugh! it's so vile!

Jeff said...

"Fuck Kiss"

Doesn't that typically happen in the reverse order?

O' Tim said...

I'm a cuddler.