Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It's amazing how quickly the days fly by when your entire life changes because of the arrival of a child. Today was the first time I'd even glanced at my blog in two weeks, which I couldn't believe until I saw the date of my last post, June 5. So no, Mark, I'm not dead (though I did throw up when I saw Ann "200-Calories-Per-Day" Coulter mentioned in my comments! She's vile, dude). And thanks for the Father's Day wish. Unfortunately I spent most of it in Wichita, Kansas, shooting some commercials, but I did get home that evening and got to spend some time with the family who made it very special.

The thing is, Sam changes every day. Every single day. I leave for work and I bust my ass all day so I can get home right away and hang with him, because he's going to do something that I haven't seen before. He's already so much bigger than he was only seven weeks ago. What's really cool is now he's having longer periods of time where he just chills out, wide-eyed, checking out the scene. He's smiling a lot now, and he's damn near laughed a couple times. What can I say? It's the greatest.

While not here on my blog, I have been writing, however, trying to finish a couple things for (you) essays -- something some other folks need to be doing too, hint hint. I've also had to write a couple original sketches for a comedy show we're doing in Dallas in July. We're the featured entertainment at an annual convention of doll collectors. No shit. Fifteen hundred doll collectors at this convention, and we're going to be doing some sketch comedy and improv. The theme of this year's convention is "Tell Me a Story," kind of a fairy-tale thing, so all of our sketches have to do with that. I wrote one about a dwarf, Angry Dwarf, going to the unemployment office. He can't find work and he's pissed because he claims Grumpy Dwarf stole his identity. Fun stuff to write. Now we're in rehearsals for that show.

Overall, though, I just can't spend enough time with Sam. As everyone I know who has kids has told me, they grow up before you know it.


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