Sunday, October 22, 2006

Buy this book. Now.

Welcome Home is a cookbook that PJ wrote. There are a number of reasons you should buy this book right now by clicking here.

  • It's not just a cookbook. It's also a book. It's full of wonderful stories and reminiscing that you want to read whether you're cooking or not.

  • The recipe's are for the most wonderfully comfortable of comfort food you could ever make. Seeing how I grew up eating these dishes, my opinion weighs heavily here.

  • There are pictures of me in there.

  • This isn't some big corporately published cookbook. PJ published this herself. She wrote it, a friend of ours designed it for her, and then she paid 100% of the printing costs herself. If you buy it, you won't just be getting the most unique and stellar cookbook ever written. You'll also be helping out someone who had the cajones to want something done, and then do it herself.


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