Friday, October 27, 2006


Okay, first of all we arrived at PJ's last night safely, and with all our luggage. Grandpa was here, so I've already taken a bazillion pictures of Sam with his Great-Grandpa. My sister Becky was also here with her kids, so it's been nothing but awesome since we got here.

Getting here, however...

We got hit with a blizzard in Denver yesterday. Our flight out was at 7 a.m., and by the time we'd pulled back from the gate and gotten de-iced and got into the air, it was 8:30. Our connection was in Chicago, but because Chi-town was besieged with fog and rain, we were ordered to circle for a half an hour. Unfortunately we didn't have enough fuel for the circling, so we went to Milwaukee to refuel. By the time we landed at O'Hare, we'd missed our flight to Grand Rapids (Michigan, not Minnesota). So we were put on standby for the 2 p.m. flight to G.R. Well 2 p.m. became 2:30 p.m. became 3 p.m. became 3:30 p.m. became 4:15 p.m. and the flight was full and we didn't get on. The first woman I went to (this was American Airlines, btw) said we weren't going to get out that night. And our luggage, including baby car seat, was on that G.R. flight we were trying to stand-by on. I grabbed Julie, who was holding Sam, and we talked to a different woman. I explained our plight, and she booked us on a United flight scheduled to depart at 7 p.m. We walked about 3.7 miles through O'Hare to get to the gate and saw that another flight was departing to G.R. in about 5 minutes. We figured what the heck, let's check. The gate agent was just getting ready to close the door when we walked up. I asked if she had any seats on that flight, she took one look at the girls and the baby, got on her computer, and said, "You're in 16 B, C, D and E. I've gotta shut that door now so go go go!" We ran down the tunnel, found our seats, sat down, looked at each other and started laughing. When we landed, our luggage was waiting for us. It was five hours later than we were supposed to get there, but we got there. I picked up the rental car and we headed to PJ's. Whew.

Now we're going to eat and talk and laugh for four days.

MORAL: Show 'em a baby!


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